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PVC Shutters are popular due to their durability, combined with a lower cost and maintenance requirement. Beautiful, and built to last.  Superior acoustic insulation, the design reflects sound away from your home, reducing neighbourhood or nearby road noise. Deflecting the sun’s harmful rays, saving you on cooling costs in summer.  In winter, they’ll help keep the heat in, making them an excellent investment, all year round.



Including bathrooms & kitchens.

A cut above the rest, Riviera AL Plantation Shutters are a premium shutter extruded from high quality  VC. All Riviera AL’s blades and stiles are re-enforced with aluminium inserts. As a result, Riviera AL has more durability, strength and stability then other cheaper PVC shutters.


Riviera AL PVC shutters are also unaffected by moisture, heat and humidity. This is due to the water and heat resistant properties of PVC.

An aesthetic, modern internal shutter, Rivera AL provides privacy while giving you the ability to control light and airflow into a room.



Create a luxurious barrier that enhances and adds value to your property. Plantation shutters are one of the only window furnishings seen to have this positive affect



We focus on quality and value.


Do not misunderstand PVC. Riviera AL PVC Shutters are Non-Toxic. However, cheap PVC shutters can be detrimental to your health. Your health matters and that’s why high-quality PVC shutters should always be used .



It is about what is on the inside that makes the difference.


Riviera AL PVC Shutters are made from high quality ‘non-toxic’ PVC shutters which do not omit volatile organic compounds (VOC) or harmful emissions.


Therefore, this makes them safe for the whole family. Riviera AL PVC Shutters are perfect for all domestic and commercial uses. This makes them suitable for use in high-temperature climates. 


With aluminium re-enforced blades and stiles, our PVC shutters are well known for quality, strength, and durability. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth, Riviera AL is a leading choice for its diverse applications throughout the home. Suitable for any room in the house. This includes bathrooms and kitchens. Riviera AL is also perfect for creating room dividers in larger areas. 


Available in 13 colours, add sophistication and style while bringing elegance into any room, while adding great insulation benefits in window applications.




  • Control the amount of light filtering into a room
  • Not affected by moisture or humidity
  • Provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Aluminium re-enforced stiles and blades on all panels
  • Extruded from quality PVC
  • Blade Sizes: 63mm, 89mm and 114mm
  • Clear view, offset tilt rod and centre tilt rod options
  • Bi-fold, sliding and hinged options available
  • Flush Bolts available
  • 10 Year Finished Product Warranty* – discuss this with one of our team
  • Child Safe